Bruserup Strand Nature Camp

Bruserup Strandvej 9
DK-4873 Væggerløse
Tel. (+45) 5416 7000
Email: camp(at)

Low prices - per day - summer

Adult - tent price below! DKK 20,00 EUR 3,00
Child - tent price below DKK 10,00 EUR 1,50
Tent - 1-6 inhabitants, bigger? let us know, please! DKK 20,00 EUR 3,00
Shelter accomodation DKK 30,00 EUR 4,00
Picnic guest DKK 10,00 EUR 1,50
View, air, sea DKK 0,00 EUR 0,00
IBAN (for bank transfers) DK2565200004079441
MobilePay (from DK only) +45 2440 8185

An idyllic nature camp by the sea

  • directly on long, peaceful, sandy beach with fields and meadows
  • abundant wildlife and friendly goats
  • paddling, swimming, bathing, boats, and bonfires
  • traditional local fishing
  • excellent toilet sheds with cold running water
  • no cars or mobile homes admitted to the site, but good parking near by
  • we speak English
  • Conditions

    Enjoy the natural surroundings - without loud music and noise.
    The nature camp may be used by cyclists, hikers and canoeists.
    Camp fires may be lit in the official campfire area. Please be aware that open fire may be prohibited by police in dry periods.
    A public waste bin is available right outside the camp site. All excess litter must be removed from the site.
    A map of the Sundruten is available at the Tourist information office in Marielyst telephone +45 5413 6298.

    Please remember to pay the owner for your stay at the nature camp, either in person or via the letter box of Bruserup Strandvej 9.
    If you want us to reserve space for you, we ask you to let us know by email well in advance.

    There is no admission to the private areas surrounding the camp site.
    It is forbidden to visit uninhabited islands.
    The toilet facilities must be kept clean and proper.